Diabetic ketoacidosis including fluid calculation sheet
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Diabetic ketoacidosis including fluid calculation sheet

What's New

18/01/2023 See note below on fix needed to get the DKA fluid calculation sheet to work correctly when using the Edge browser.



18/01/2023 NHSGGC Microsoft Edge settings mean that pdfs open in Adobe Acrobat by default. This stops the DKA fluid calculation sheet linked to above from working. Read these instructions on how to change Edge settings before opening the guideline.

Guidance from www.ggc-youngdiabetes.org


  • DKA Protocol

    This protocol covers all aspects of management of a child in DKA.  (Updated 2009)
    On the last page is a copy of the Fluid Calculation Chart.  (Updated 2011)

  • Fluid Calculation Chart
    Individual versions of the Fluid Calculation Chart for printing or for completing online.  (Updated 2011)

  • Making an Infusion of Insulin
    A guide on how to make up an insulin infusion, and the pharmacy monograph for human soluble insulin.  (Updated 2020)
Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 26 September 2021

Next review: 26 September 2023

Author(s): Dr Ian Craigie

Approved By: GGC Children's Diabetes Service