Digital camera policy: ED & SSW
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Digital camera policy: ED & SSW

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Medical photographs should only be taken by qualified Medical Photographers from the Medical Illustration Service. However, exceptions to this will be in the Emergency Department and Short Stay Ward during the hours of 5.00pm - 9.00am Mon-Fri, weekends and public holidays or when no Medical Photographer is on site.

  • A digital camera will be stored in the Emergency Department and securely locked in the controlled drug cupboard.
  • The camera shall ONLY be operated by a member of the Emergency Department staff.
  • A signature will be required from 2 members of staff in the controlled camera book.
Indications for using ED camera
  • Interesting cases for teaching or patient casenotes
  • Rashes
  • Wounds
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • SIDS - cosmetic photo for parents only
Contraindications for using ED camera

No photographs should be taken by non-qualified Medical Photographers of:

  • NAI patients
  • Suspected NAI patients
  • CSA patients
  • any forensic or legal cases
Procedure for using Emergency Department camera
  1. Medical photographs required
  2. Verbal consent must be obtained from parent/carer before any photographs are taken
  3. If the photography is for any other use than casenotes (e.g. teaching) then the appropriate consent form must be signed by the parent/carer.
  4. Send HISS request to Medical Illustration BEFORE you take the photograph.
  5. ALWAYS photograph the ED card to include the patient's name and hospital number and the proceed to take photographs of the patient.

The camera is for use in ED and SSW only and must not be given to any other department in the hospital

Procedure in Medical Illustration
  1. Medical Illustration will collect the camera and consent forms whenever a request is sent through to the department. If no requests are made a photographer will only collect the camera at 9.00am every Friday.
  2. Medical Photographers will be responsible for downloading all images from the camera.
  3. Medical Photographers will process images ONLY if corresponding HISS and consent forms are available. (Remember if images are for casenotes written consent is not required.)
  4. All medical images taken will be given a unique medical illustration identification number and stored in the medical illustration patient database for future use if required.
  5. Completed images will be returned to consultant within approximately 48 hours depending on workload.
  6. Medical Illustration will return camera to the ED controlled cupboard at 4.00pm every Friday, ready for use.
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Last reviewed: 01 January 2015

Next review: 01 January 2018

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