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Guideline for contacting the ED consultant on call between Midnight and 9am

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Guidance for contacting the ED consultant overnight.


Emergency Department staff.


Emergency Department staff.

1)   The department's 'Escalation policy' has been triggered.

2)   A trauma call is activated.

3)   Major incident call

4)   Any child requiring prolonged resuscitation or in cardiac arrest.

5)   Two or more consultants from other specialties are actively involved in the care of a patient in the department.

6)   To approve and organise a CT scan for an ED patient.

7)   Difficulties referring to another specialty.

8)   An  administrative issue that has an immediate effect on staffing or the safety of the ED.*

*This does not include a sick call from day shift personnel.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 14 May 2019

Next review: 14 May 2021

Author(s): Steven Foster