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Orbital cellulitis protocol, ENT department

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The differentiation between preseptal and deep orbital cellulitis is difficult based on clinical observation, and clinical presentation may not always reflect underlying disease severity. Subtle pathology may evolve into severe pathology quickly. 

This protocol is for use by clinicians and is based on best practice at RHC Glasgow. 

November 2023: This guidance is currently under review as it has gone beyond the standard review date. It reflects best practice at the time of authorship / last review and remains safe for use. If there are any concerns regarding the content then please consult with senior clinical staff to confirm.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 07 January 2019

Next review: 30 April 2024

Author(s): Tash Kunanandam

Version: 1.3

Approved By: Paediatric & Neonatal Clinical Risk & Effectiveness Committee