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Unidentified Foods/Vegetables/Plants and Fungi etc

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If the parents are not sure about the nature of the swallowed plant/fruit/mushroom etc, the Medical Staff will be able to seek help by contacting:
Professor J H Dickson
Graham Kerr Building
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ
Telephone no 0141-330-4364
Fax no: 0141-330-5971
Professor Roy Watling is also happy to identify the nature of plants etc free of charge.
C/o Royal Botanic Gardens
20A Inverleith Row
Telephone: 0131-552-7171
Fax: 0131-248-2901
It is important to contact either one of them and the sample should be sent by courier so that they will be able to
give us an answer promptly.
Home telephone numbers: Professor Dickson 0141-956-4103
Professor Watling 0131-467-3747
Both are happy to discuss this if anybody comes to the Accident and Emergency department out of hours.
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