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Hamilton T1 transport ventilator set-up guide & pre-use checks

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  • The Hamilton T1 ventilator is to be used for internal hospital transfers of PICU ventilated patients.
  • The same ventilator is used for all Paediatric ScotSTAR transfers.
  • It can ventilate all patient sizes and can give from 21 – 100% oxygen.
  • It can deliver Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV), HiFlo as well as invasive ventilation modes. We will not be using it for mobile HiFlo.
  • It is not MRI compatible.
  • Patient monitoring during transfer will be delivered by our standard PICU Philips monitors (there is an ability to monitor SpO2 & etCO2 that we are not using on the Hamilton T1).
  • The Hamilton T1 is stored in the far right of the equipment store & should always be plugged into mains power when not in use
1. Hamilton ventilator basic views

  1. USB connector
  2. High-pressure oxygen DISS or NIST inlet fitting
  3. Low-pressure oxygen connector
  4. AC power receptacle
  5. Cooling air intake and dust filter. Do not obstruct.
  6. AC power cord with retaining clip
  7. Serial number label
  8. DC power receptacle


2. Setting up the ventilator


2.5   Circuit set-up

There are 2 potential set-ups for the transport ventilator and each requires a slightly different arrangement for checking of the flow sensor & adaptor - these are weight banded:

<15kg: For this document we will term this group NeoPaeds,

This set-up includes:

Pink expiratory flow valve (comes separately from other items below)

Blue/White vent tubing

Blue/White flow probe

Dumbbell shaped adaptor

15Kg: This group uses standard set up for adults

This set-up all comes in the same bag & includes:   

Blue/grey expiratory flow valve

White dual lumen vent tubing

Blue/White flow probe

Funnel shaped adaptor


This table summarises the different set ups:


Valve (type/colour)



Adaptor for pre-use check


Neonatal (pink)





Adult (Blue or grey - white/plastic)








2a. Setting up the ventilator - COVID/Flu adaptations

In-line suction should be used at all times where possible (ETT ≥ 4.0)

Please also read section 9.1 if further is required for highly infectious disease transfers

All necessary equipment is stored by the Hamilton-T1 in the PICU Store Room

In order to maintain staff safety we should adjust the circuit set-up with the following filters

Dual limb circuit (<15kg)

Attach filter to expiratory port (Intersurgical Clear Guard Midi - ref 1644000)