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Blood Products - Requesting

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Nominate a staff member to coordinate request,

Complete blood / product request form on TRAK (if down , use paper form from downtime pack) 

Accurate Requesting on Trakcare

Blood product ordering guide for Trackcare 

  1. log on
  2. Put in patients CHI number then click find
  3. Ensure correct patients details appear
  4. Click on episode tree (top left corner of screen)
  5. Patients episode tree will appear – click on current episode
  6. Once selected click on new request ( you may have to scroll along top bar to find)
  7. Click on specimen collected box (highlighted in red) YOU MUST DO THIS OR FORM WILL NOT PRINT.
  8. Click on sub category – select blood transfusion
  9. Click on item box – select  products you require eg;platelets,ffp, cryo etc
  10.  On bottom left box you can change category from routine to urgent if necessary. Then click update.
  11.  Next screen will appear which allows free texts ensure all highlighted categories filled in and ensure you put in products required and quantity.
  12.  Once completed you will see your name bottom left of screen where you will have to input your password to verify order.
  13.  Click update
  14.  Form should print out on linked printer in theatre.
  15. Pod down to blood bank
  16. Phone blood bank to ensure arrival and instruct if it is products that need to be thawed.
  17. Paper request form for MLA needs to be filled in when product is required/ready and needs to be podded down to BLOOD BANK
  18. PAGE MLA (7262) to instruct that form is in BLOOD BANK and to collect products and bring to theatre. 

Handy tips

  1. All forms can be pre prepared/podded in advance, just state clearly on collection forms that you will phone when required.
  2. If no one in theatre can access trak or trak goes down for any reason do not delay resort to old paper requests found in downtime packs th6.
  3. Always useful to add ext number onto any requests so blood bank can contact you if they require clarifications.


Print off, medical staff need to sign form.

Page urgent porter = page 7803

Contact lab staff to ensure they have received request page 7602 & confirm delivery timescale