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Get the full-text - top tips

1. Make sure you have a current NHS Scotland Athens password

You can apply for an Athens password using the link on the Knowledge Network home page. Athens passwords expire after about a year – contact your local librarian if you need yours reactivated.

2. Look for the Athens log in

NHS Scotland buys ejournals from a wide range of suppliers and sometimes the different interfaces can be confusing. You will probably have to log into Athens before you can access the full text of your article – only enter your Athens details if the log in box explicitly says “Athens”. If not, look for the Athens log in link. It should be there somewhere!

3. Contact your library if you’re still having problems 

Librarians work with ejournals every day and we’ll have encountered most problems before, so let us help you! Contact 0141 347 8885 (x68885), email [NOTE: this telephone number will put you in touch with library staff at the New Victoria, as the library at the QEUH is currently closed].

 A few journals may need a publisher’s password which you can only get from the Knowledge Network staff (The journal Pediatrics is an example of this although some key articles are Open Access). Email with your Athens username to get help with these.

4. Not everything is available online – but you can still get the article

Not online? No problem. The Knowledge Network Document Delivery Service ( can be used by NHS Scotland staff and partners to request articles, books, book chapters and more, to support patient care, health improvement & CPD. Remember if your request is linked to study at a university or college you can contact the university or college for help, they may even have the article you are looking for.

Use the Library Search box on the Knowledge Network homepage to look for your article. Click on "Get it for me" and complete any missing details to request a copy of the full text. 

5. For more information about library services

Including contact details, literature search and training requests, and online search tips and user guides visit: 

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Author(s): Seona Hamilton