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Occupational Health Management Referral Process

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Occupational Health are changing the way you can request a management referral. Using the new Civica OPAS-G2 system you can only make a request online. 

This process will be active as of Monday 21st March 2022. 

An account will have been created for all users: use your email to login and on first login you will be requested to create a password.  

The passwords must be:

  • Minimum of 10 characters long 
  • Accepts upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols 
  • Must have at least 3 of the above types 
  • A character cannot be repeated more than three times  

To access the OPAS-G2 system use the GG&C shortcuts: 

On Edge:

NHSGGC favourites > Admin > G2 OASP-G2 Occ Health System 

For detail of the management referral process:

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 15 March 2022

Next review: 15 March 2025

Author(s): Occupational Health