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The Peer Support Network is a multi-disciplinary team of people who work within RHC who have undergone further training to help support their peers at RHC. This network is available to all staff who would benefit from chatting through issues with a friendly peer.

Peer support is a well documented and researched support mechanism for people involved in events with the potential for emotional impact, as health care staff face everyday. The fallout for people affected by critical incidents can have a long lasting and significant impact on their wellbeing and behaviours and this can extend to affect the staff member’s patients, families, teams and institutions.

Often staff will not seek help for situations they find challenging, do not know where to look, or don’t feel comfortable discussing things with people outside their area. People often find it easier to talk to others that have shared a similar experience and who can empathise with situations that arise within a shared environment. The Peer Support Network is a team of staff working within critical care at RHC and include medical, nursing and support staff. Over 45 staff have undergone training from an accredited trainer in Critical Incident Stress Management to help support their peers.

The Peer Support Network Charter describes how people are selected and trained for a role as a peer supporter, as well as including how to access the service, and the confidentiality agreement that is to be upheld by peer supporters. All interactions with the Peer Supporters Network will be kept confidential unless someone were to be considered a risk to themselves or someone else. If more in-depth or professional help is required then please contact Occupational Health, Practitioner Health, your GP or NHS 111.

In order to access the service, please email with a completed PSN Referral Form (Word doc) or complete the form online. The list of Peer Supporters available in the network can be found below.

Royal Hospital for Children Peer Supporters

If you would like to access additional information on wellbeing, there are further resources available on our staff Wellbeing page.

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Last reviewed: 18 December 2022

Next review: 31 March 2025

Author(s): Monique McLeod