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Seeking advice from the NHS Central Legal Office

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Information on how and when to seek advice from the NHS Central Legal Office re: child consent issues:

(See also the page on Consent Issues)

During normal hours you must request authority to contact the CLO from;

Rachel McGowan tel 0141 201 0472 or 07805 685436

Lesley Walker tel 0141 211 4734 or 07979255022

Graeme Forrester 0141 211 0246

Out with Normal Hours

Phone the CLO switchboard  0131 275 7800.  The answer message will then provide a mobile telephone number.

If you anticipate requiring advice out with normal hours the CLO would greatly appreciate warning of this in order that you can be provided with a specific mobile phone number. 

You may also wish to communicate via email for non urgent issues, please remember to ask for authority (as above)

Tracey Turnbull direct tel no 0131 275 7901

Jennifer Inglis direct tel no 0131 275 2877

Stephen Waclawski direct tel no 0131 275 7923


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Last reviewed: 02 March 2020

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