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Major Incident Plan RHC (full document)

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[Last amended Feb 2022]

NOTE: This is the full 170 page document. Action cards for each role are also available to access separately.

Initial actions in the Emergency Department

  1. Don’t panic. Breathe!
  2. Confirm with the senior nurse on duty for the hospital (18502/85770), ED nurse coordinator (84585) and SAS (0141 810 6311) whether a MI has been declared
  3. Pull your senior team together and make a plan
  4. Start a log of key decisions and actions in logbook or by dictaphone
  5. Log book is in the MI store room
  6. Suspend green and red pathways. AGP PPE in Resus and Majors, droplet
    PPE in Minors
    • Ensure PPE is getting restocked
  7. Ensure distribution of action cards, and awareness of roles yet to be filled by arriving staff. Inform Nurse at staff reporting area (seminar room 031 on the third floor, 84935 ), once in situ, of staff present.
  8. If you have a role in the emergency plan follow your action card
  9. Clear the Emergency department
    • Phone facilities on 82101 to request portering staff to help
  10. Plan breaks for your staff and standby other staff to take over
  11. Identify a member of staff to call in the additional staff required-telephone numbers in ED secretarial office in MI folder
  12. Establish triage at the ambulance doors
  13. Ensure set up of Clinic 3 out-patients
  14. Place staff/signage (located in the MI cupboard, between the changing rooms) at front entrance of ED to divert patients to Clinic 3. (SOP Clinic 3 Opening)
  15. The relative waiting area is in Clinic 12 (Therapies Hub), divert relatives here if necessary
  16. The family re-union/discharge area is Clinic Area 5

If you have not read the plan do not do so now, follow your action card.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 28 February 2022

Next review: 28 February 2023

Author(s): Dr Ciara Carrick until Oct 2021; Dr Natalie Bee from Oct 2021

Version: 11

Approved By: Women And Children’s Directorate Risk Management Group