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Diagnosis and management of cow's milk protein allergy in infants

What's New

21/12/2020 Addition of section on allergy focused history; updated signs & symptoms; pathway updated & emphasis on supporting continuation of breastfeeding


This guideline is intended for use by all health professionals in the acute and primary care settings for the diagnosis and management of infants and young children (up to two years) with symptoms of suspected cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA).

The following steps should be followed:

  • Undertake an allergy focused clinical history
  • Refer to the signs and symptoms guide to determine the diagnosis
  • Follow the appropriate pathway for IgE and non IgE mediated CMPA
  • Refer to the NHSGGC Formulary, Hypoallergenic formula for  the management of cow’s milk allergy in Children, for guidance on  the appropriate formula
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Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 01 December 2020

Next review: 31 December 2022

Author(s): Dr George Raptis, Paediatric Allergy Consultant; Anne Maclean, Dietetics Manager Paediatrics; David Inglis, Digital Health Practice Development Dietitian

Approved By: Area Drug and Therapeutic Committee