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Decreased consciousness level in children: management of

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Emergency Medicine


Children aged >28 days and up to 18 years old.

Pre-term infant survivors in NICU, Children with previously diagnosed conditions, Children who score ≤14 on GCS on a daily basis, children with agreed management plan for acute illness.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 19 October 2023

Next review: 31 October 2026

Author(s): Adapted for RHC use by Dr Sarah Briggs (Paediatric trainee, RHCG Emergency department) based on The management of children and young people with an acute decrease in conscious level - A nationally developed evidence-based Guideline for practitioners. 2015 Update. Revised 2019

Author Email(s):

Co-Author(s): Correspondence author - Dr Steve Foster (Consultant in paediatric emergency medicine, RHCG)

Approved By: RHC ED Clinical Governance Group