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Radiological imaging transfer / viewing guidance

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Transfer of images from PACS out with Scotland to other UK hospitals

For visitors to Scotland who require ongoing care at their home environment:

  • Ask patient the name of their local hospital for follow-up.
  • Call the emergency dept of that hospital and ask how they would normally follow-up the injury.
  • If possible, ask if they can provide you with an appointment for the patient. Ask for the name of the consultant (this is required for image transfer).
    • If not possible for clinic appointment to be made, then ask for the name a generic consultant for the receiving speciality.

Provide the patient with a copy of your GP discharge letter for them to take for their ongoing follow-up (in a sealed envelope).

To transfer images out with Scotland:

Transfer of X-RAY images onto CD for patients out with the UK

This should not be used for transfer of images to other UK hospitals. Please see section above.

All requests for NHS GG&C Images/Examinations to be copied to CD/DVD are processed centrally in the Imaging Department, Stobhill Hospital. 

For CD/DVD requests:

If within Mon-Fri office hours, contact the Stobhill Dept. phone number: 0141 355 1446

If required – the images can often be collected the same day from Stobhill if within normal office hours. (Imaging Department, Stobhill Hospital, 133 Balornock Rd, Glasgow, G21 3UW).

Otherwise, the images can be posted to our ED through the internal mail network for the patient to come and collect.

Transfer / viewing of images into PACS

For patients who are returning from out-with Scotland with X-RAY’s on a CD.

To view images:

  • Open your PACS account.
  • Place disc into CD drive on the computer.
  • Cancel/ignore any prompts from the computer to open or view the disc.
  • On PACS screen click on the “+” beside Local CD (D:)

You can now view the images using PACS.

 Once ED care complete, fill out request form from PACS page on Staff Net
( for image transfer into PACS.
Once form completed, email to –

  • Keep the CD.
  • Place a patient sticker on the CD envelope.
  • Take CD around to the PACS office, which is situated in ground floor x-ray dept, RHC. (if out of hours, this can be put through their door.)
Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 29 March 2021

Next review: 29 March 2023

Author(s): Mark Lilley

Co-Author(s): Steven Foster

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